Baruch Barzel
Theory: quantum networks

Richard Berkovits
Theory: Quantum phase transitions in low dimensions, many-body localization, entanglement and networks.

Eliahu Cohen
Theory: Quantum information and computation, quantum foundations, quantum optics, quantum field theory

Emanuele Dalla Torre
Theory: Dynamics of many-body quantum systems in ultracold atoms, quantum optics, and superconductors

Lev Khaykovich
Experiments: Ultracold atoms, Bose-Einstein condensation, universal few-body states.

Avi Pe’er
Experiments: Quantum optics, broadband parametric processes. Precision measurement and control of molecular dynamics.

Michael Rosenbluh
Experiments: Atomic and laser physics, coherent population trapping atomic clocks, nonlinear optics.

Sharon Shwartz
Experiments: Nonlinear optics and quantum optic effects in the x-ray regime

Michael Stern
Experiments: Quantum behavior of superconducting electrical circuits and their coupling with nanosystems like spins in semiconductors.