May 18, 2017

ISERD becomes officially involved in the Quantum Flagship initiative – See here for more details

April 26, 2017

Bar-Ilan University to Open Center for Quantum Technology

“…Bar-Ilan University is leading the national effort in the field of quantum science, and will soon open a center that deals with quantum technology. The center, named “Quantum Entanglement in Science and Technology (QUEST)”, will be inaugurated on June 11-13, at a kickoff event that will be attended by leading scientists from Israel and abroad (Germany, Denmark, US). The QUEST center at Bar-Ilan University will focus on the understanding of the basic science associated with the effect of entanglement, as well as on using theoretical knowledge to develop new and groundbreaking technology…” Read the full story on Bar-Ilan News and Times of Israel

לראשונה בישראל: מרכז לחקר טכנולוגיה ומדע קוואנטי ייפתח בבר-אילן

February 2017

"I wish good luck to QUEST. It is indeed timely to create such a center now that the concept of entanglement becomes so relevant to many areas of fundamental and applied physics."
Prof. Serge Haroche, 2012 Nobel Prize Winner